Saturday, 29 May 2010

:: DK Beads, Pearls & Crystals ::

Code: Item #44 ~ Pearl Rhinestone Bracelet Set
Description: Silver tone bangles and pearl effect beads with rhinestone effect stretch bracelet.
Price: RM 35
Status: SOLD

Code: Item #43 ~ Pearl Bracelets
Description: 6 pieces stunning pearl bracelets.
Price: RM 30
Status: SOLD

Code: Item #42 ~ Butterfly Stretch Bracelet
Description: Silver tone butterfly with pink rhinestone & pearl effect
stretch bracelet.
Price: RM 22
Status: SOLD

Code: Item #41 ~ Crystal Hair Comb
Description: Stunning silver plated hair comb decorated with a
number of multi-faceted glass crystal.
Price: RM 20
Status: SOLD

Code: Item #40 ~ Swarovski Teardrop Necklace
Description: A grey swarovski teardrop pendant in a silver tone chain.
Price: RM 25
Status: SOLD

Code: Item #39 ~ Bronze Cluster Necklace
Description: Bronze cluster necklace with green & champagne beads.
Price: RM 15
Status: SOLD

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